Late Chief Dominic Obukadata Oneya. (RTD)

The Dominic Oneya Foundation was started to honor and to give credence to the good works and legacy of the man, Brig. General Dominic Oneya. (rtd) and as a registered NGO, it is intended to serve as a more structured platform to further drive and build on his achievements and contributions to those he was  privilege of serve over the years.

The Foundation

The Dominic Oneya Foundation seeks to work mainly as a Non-Governmental Organisation and working through partners intended to build institutional capacity, supporting innovation for development and new ideas and ensuring that the funding provided meets the needs of the target beneficiaries.
The Foundation will also seek collaboration with other grantmakers and international agencies working in its target areas and where necessary, the Foundation will leverage additional funding from other sources to support partners’ initiatives.
In other to achieve its goals and objectives, the Foundation intends to forge collaborations and partnerships with local, state, and national government agencies to enhance the sustainability of its projects. Learn More


how we work

Transforming Lives & Empowering a Generation.


We help people get quality education through sponsorship of child, a school or buying of needed school items for less priviledge childrens.


Through sports, we empower youths realize their potentials by partnering with top professional outfits for proper development


Donations from partners and kind hearted souls help us to feed thousands of women and children each year

Join hundred others

You are welcome to join hundred others wh volunteer or donate to our course in ensuring that life becomes easier for the less prividlege in our society .