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The Dominic Oneya Foundation seeks to work mainly as a Non-Governmental Organisation and working through partners intended to build institutional capacity, supporting innovation for development and new ideas and ensuring that the funding provided meets the needs of the target beneficiaries.
The Foundation will also seek collaboration with other grantmakers and international agencies working in its target areas and where necessary, the Foundation will leverage additional funding from other sources to support partners’ initiatives.
In other to achieve its goals and objectives, the Foundation intends to forge collaborations and partnerships with local, state, and national government agencies to enhance the sustainability of its projects. Learn More


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Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child is the most personal, effective way to fight poverty. When you sponsor a child in need, you build a special relationship that encourages your child with hope for the future. Plus, your donations join forces with other sponsors to lift your child and children in the community out of poverty for good.


Sponsor a School

School sponsorship is a really effective way of helping hundreds of children in poor communities get a decent start in life. We know that good schools, providing good education, is a realistic goal, and we know what it takes to achieve it.
When you sponsor a school, you don’t just help the children in one school, but in all the schools in the district. That’s hundreds, sometimes thousands, of children every year.



The One Bag for School Project aims to provide every child who goes to school carrying their books in paper bags,
torn bags or can not afford a proper school bag, with at least one bag for school.
We believe this helps such children focus more on studies and avoid peer shaming which in turn leads to inferiority complex and affects confidence. Click below to buy a bag(s) for poor students.



The Farm to Plates Project seeks to get young people back into farming. The project will aim at educating and producing young farmers. It will help drive the value chain and provide food to tables and jobs to the growing economy.


No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving

Support one or more of our causes to put a smile on someone’s face, lift a family, and empower a generation.

Anthony Oneya
Project Manager

The projects of the foundation are managed by me in collaboration with our partners and sponsors with the sole aim of succeeding.

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