Our Approach

The Dominic Oneya Foundation seeks to work mainly as a Non-Governmental Organisation and working through partners intended to build institutional capacity, supporting innovation for development and new ideas and ensuring that the funding provided meets the needs of the target beneficiaries.

The Foundation will also seek collaboration with other grant makers and international agencies working in its target areas and where necessary, the Foundation will leverage additional funding from other sources to support partners’ initiatives.

In other to achieve its goals and objectives, the Foundation intends to forge collaborations and partnerships with local, state and national government agencies to enhance sustainability of its projects.

Also but not limited to, are the civil society, other foundations, private sectors and international experts focused on the collaborative relationships and implementation of sustainable projects.

The Foundations projects will be focused in line with our objectives and build programs alongside achieving them. All grants and funding will dedicated to the specific need for initiative, program and goals as requested by donors and partners.

As its strategy, the Foundation particularly focuses to ensure the maximum participation of women, children and youth wherever required and relevant – and particularly if the program has any direct or indirect impacts on their lives

 Following are the key elements of the foundations Program Strategies & Work Approach

  • HealthCare Initiatives/ Participation
  • Vocational Trainings /Community Participation
  • Sports Development/Clinics for Capacity Building
  • Trainings and Development
  • Scholarships and Awards
  • Awareness Raising & Sensitization
  • Dialogues & Engagements
  • Research & Publications
  • Networking & Coalition Building
  • Development Partnerships

In order to achieve its vision and make its programs even more human-centered; the Dominic Oneya Foundation, maintains values and guiding principles that are key in all its interventions and dealings.

  • Peace & Tolerance
  • Participation & Inclusion
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Non-Discrimination
  • Non-Violence
  • Equity & Fairness
  • Sharing & Openness